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1/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C

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Shipping Weight: 0.9kg
Manufacturer recommended age: 10 years and up         
This product need to be built by yourself. To gain the effect shown in the picture, you need to dye it.                   

Origin: Imported (China)       


Product Description
The Wellington was the main British bomber for the first two years of the war, although once it had been supplanted from the European theatre by Lancasters it flew until the war's end in many other theatres and in many roles. It was particularly effective in North Africa, where it could fly faster than most of the Italian fighters, and carried a heavier bomb load than the Italians. Its utility is proven by the large number built, 11,461. The Wellington Mk.IC was crewed by 6, a pilot, radio operator, navigator/bomb aimer, observer/nose gunner, tail gunner and waist gunner. It was powered by two 1050hp Bristol Pegasus XVIII engines that pulled it to 235 mph. It had a ceiling of 18,000 ft and a range of 2,550 miles. It came armed with eight 0.303 machine guns and could carry 4,500 lbs of bombs Wingspan: 26.26 m Length : 19.68 m Height: 6.76 m Empty Weight: 8,530 kg Max.Weight: 13,610 kg Speed: 380 km/h Ceiling: 5,490 m Range: 4,105 km Armament: Eight 7.7mm machine gun; 2,041 kg bombs
Item Name:  “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C   
Scale :1:48
Item Type :Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 387.3mm Wingspan: 547mm
Total Parts :644pcs
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Film Parts :instrument panel
Total Sprues: 16pcs
Paint Schemes: 1. No.75 Sqn RAF Norfolk 1941


1/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20111/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20121/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20131/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20141/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20151/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20161/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20171/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20181/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20191/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 201101/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 201111/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 201121/48 Scale model “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C 20113

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By  Carolynn Rhoden

Verified Buyer


I love this toy and so does my daughter! There's so much for her to explore on it and as she's growing so are the different things she's finding to enjoy on it. The craftsmanship is absolutely excellent.

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By  Marnie Kellett

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I love this high quality product. I bought it a few days ago and I plan to send it to my friends. I believe he will also like it.

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( 14 )

By  Melanie Caso

Verified Buyer


The high quality of the toy, the legendary speed of delivery, the patient attitude of selling, all of those perfect elements show that I have no other option but give the best review of this toy. It is really wonderful.

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