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  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2011
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2012
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2013
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2014
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2015
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2016
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2017
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2018
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 2019
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20110
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20111
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20112
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20113
  • 1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20114

1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION)

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Shipping Weight: 0.9kg
Manufacturer recommended age: 10 years and up         
This product need to be built by yourself. To gain the effect shown in the picture, you need to dye it.                   

Origin: Imported (China)     


Product Description
The wyvern was a mythical monster with the front legs of a dragon and the barbed tail of a snake and, of course, it was one mean creature! The Westland Wyvern was the last fixed-wing aircraft design from the Westland Aircraft Co. and was one of the last prop-driven fighters. It was a very large airplane that was about the same weight as a DC-3 but larger than—and twice as powerful as—a P-47 Thunderbolt. Its twin,contra-rotating props certainly gave it the same mean appearance as its fictional predecessor. Four converted and 87 new-built aircraft were delivered of the most important Wyvern version, the TF.4, later renamed S.4. The TF.4 had numerous small changes. The recognition characteristic was the cut-off engine inlet, the propeller spinner then protruding much further forward. Small rectangular fins were added to the tailplane, changes were made to the ailerons, Martin-Baker Mk. 2B ejection seats were installed, and the cockpit was reinforced. Later modifications included perforated dive brakes, a flat windscreen, and provisions for tip tanks. Wyvern units were 827, 813,830 and 831.In November 1956 the 830 and 831 Squadron took part in the Suez campaign. Lenth: 12.8m Wing span/Fold span: 13.41m/6.1m Height/with win tips folded: 4.57m/5.11m Weight empty: 7105kg max: 11115kg Max speed, at sea level: 615km/h at 3050m: 708km/h Service ceiling: 8530m Range: 1465km
Item Name:  “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION)  
Scale :1:48
Item Type: Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 268.5mm Wingspan: 279.5mm
Total Parts :220pcs   
Film Parts: instrument panel
Total Sprues  :7pcs
Paint Schemes :WN325 830Sqn,HMS Eagle 1956, Suez; & WL879 813Sqn,HMS Eagle 1958; & WN335 831Sqn,HMS Ark Royal 1957



1/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20111/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20121/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20131/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20141/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20151/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20161/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20171/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20181/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20191/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 201101/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 201111/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 201121/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 201131/48 Scale model “Wyvern ”S.4(LATE VERSION) 20114

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By  Holley Reinke

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I think it is a must for all kids for its suitable size and excellent quality. Further more, there is a small gift sent by TOYSWILL, which is with good quality and make my kid happy. He said he was the happiest and luckiest boy.

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By  Christen Factor

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I bought this toy because my friend introduced it strongly to me. And to my great surprise, this toy is really cute and durable. I think I will tell the rest of my friends to buy and try it.

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By  Kelsie Peltz

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The goods looks exactly the same as the picture. I bought this for my grandson as Children's gift. And he also loves the present.

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