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1/72 Scale model RA-5C Vigilante

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Shipping Weight:0.8kg
Manufacturer recommended age: 10 years and up         

This product need to be built by yourself. To gain the effect shown in the picture, you need to dye it.                  

Origin: Imported (China)            

Product Description         
The RA-5C was a photographic reconnaissance adaptation of the Vigilante. It incorporated most of the changes that had been introduced with the A-5B, including the hump-backed fuselage with the extra fuel, the larger wing area, the blown flaps on the leading edge, and the four underwing hardpoints. Four external droptanks could be carried underneath the wings, although these were seldom carried because there was ample fuel capacity within the fuselage itself. It was decided that earlier (now redundant) A-5As would be remanufactured to RA-5C standards, so the initial production of the RA-5C was restricted to only 43 planes. Of the 59 A-5As built, 43 were eventually reconfigured to RA-5Cs. In addition, all 18 of the A-5Bs that were ordered were delivered as RA-5Cs. The first RA-5C was delivered on December 10, 1963. During the Vietnam War, the Navy requested additional RA-5Cs, and the production line at North American-Columbus had to be reopened. 36 additional RA-5Cs were built, all of them manufactured with the 17,900 lb.s.t. J79-GE-10 engine. Most RA-5Cs were painted with the standard Navy insignia white and gull gray scheme.
Item Name: RA-5C Vigilante  
Scale: 1:72
Item Type :Static Kit
Model Brief : Length: 317 mm Wingspan: 225mm
Total Parts: 137pcs
Total Sprues :6pcs sprues plus re-sensor canoe and tail cone
Paint Schemes :RA-5C, BuNo.156609, GJ-300 of RVAH-3RA-5C, BuNo.156639, GM-603 of RVAH-9  

More Features  :Optional position flaps


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By  Meridith Lary

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The toy is nice in appearance and quality. My wife likes it a lot. And thanks for the little gift.

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( 4 )

By  Lorretta Perrino

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What a shame I missed it last time! But I’m lucky this time. I stayed up late yesterday and clicked the mouse for buying as soon as it started selling, can’t wait for receiving it.

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By  Yelena Asper

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Its quality is so marvelous. I dropped it on ground from my bed which is about 2meters high by accident. When i picked it up worriedly, it was all the same as what it was when i saw. It deserves buying.

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