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  • Chinese Handicarft Paper Cut Scroll Zodiacs Chicken 2011

Chinese Handicarft Paper Cut Scroll Zodiacs Chicken

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Product Name: Chicken paper cutting scroll
Material: Xuan paper
Dimensions: 120cm*40cm

Usage: Paper cutting is a perfect decoration to study, office, home, supermarkets and hotels.

Paper cutting is also known as window flower, engraved paper. It is an art of hollowing out, which appears hollowly clear visualization and offer artistic aesthetics to people. Acknowledged as national treasure, paper cut bears strong folk art features. The reason mainly lies in that paper cutting has a long history, which gathers folk arts & crafts, and five thousand years of culture. It is a best gift to elders, friends, colleagues, clients, teachers and classmates.


Chinese Handicarft Paper Cut Scroll Zodiacs Chicken 2011

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By  Royal Wear

Verified Buyer


Kids always love toys, So is my child. I bought this pretty goods several days ago. I found it is much bigger than I thought. However, my son loves. And thank for noticing me to pick up the goods. I'm too busy to forget to take it back.

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By  Alfreda Kleine

Verified Buyer


Every time I bought toys here, the seller gave me a little gift. Sometimes it is a cute bear, sometimes it is a paper with my name written in Chinese calligraphy. Very considerate. Five star for this, too.

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