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Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama

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Product Name: Opera Mask, Chao Gai

Dimensions: 21 * 14.5 * 4.5 cm

Material: Cold solidified enamel, composite material

Workmanship: Handwork, three dimensional relief

Born in a wealthy family, Chao Gai is the Ward Chief of Eastern Creek Village in Yuncheng county, Shandong. Although he is not one of the 108 Stars of Destiny, he likes to make friends with the outlaws and become spirit guardian of them. Chao Gai got his nick name as the “Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King” by once carrying a pagoda from the west side of a creek to the east, to deter malevolent spirits.

Introduction of Facial makeup:
Facial makeup, or Lian Pu, refers to facial designs for Jing and Chou roles. It originated from daily life experience, describing such changes of expression as white for fear, red for shyness, dark for suntan, and sallow for illness. Most facial designs attach great importance to the eyes.  The facial designs for the Jing roles are made by painting, powdering and coloring in the basic forms of Zheng Lian (keeping the basic face pattern), San Kuai Wa Lian (three-section face) and Sui Lian (fragmentary face). These types are widely used to represent generals, officials, heroes, gods and ghosts. The Chou actors can be recognized by the patch of white in various shapes painted around the eyes and nose. Sometimes these patches are outlined in black, hence the term Xiao Hua Lian (partly painted face). The Chou roles fall into the following two categories: Wen Chou and Wu Chou.

Facial makeup bears three main characteristics. Firstly, it is the unity and contradiction of beauty and ugliness. Secondly, it is closely related to the personality of the characters. Lastly, the patterns are stylized.

Beijing opera is one of the most popular drama widely welcomed and loved, no matter home and abroad. It is now acknowledged as a sign of Chinese traditional culture. The photos of facial mask can be found on large buildings, product packages, various porcelains and clothes. It has gone beyond the stage, from which we can see the deep influence of facial makeup. More and more foreigners have interest in it and begin to explore the secret of facial makeup.


Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2011Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2012Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2013Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2014Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2015Opera Mask Taiyi Zhenren Eastern Drama 2016

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By  Janee Monnier

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My son fought with his classmate for the toy. I was in so good a mood today but it was all ruined by the quarrel. I think i have to ask that boy’s parents to buy a same one for their son.

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By  Meridith Lary

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The toy is nice in appearance and quality. My wife likes it a lot. And thanks for the little gift.

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By  Luigi Munro

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I have been searching for this kind of toy for a long time. And it doesn’t let me down with delicate workmanship and patient customer service.

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